Monday, 21 February 2011

~At Last We're Rocking~

Morning Sunshine!!
Dah letih nampaknya aku guna 'my second language'
So, hari ini aku nak guna bahasa ibunda pulak
Semalam kan first day come back slps 6 hari outstation kan
Dari pagi smpi kol 8 mlm, tak byk customer masuk kedai aku
Tapi at the very last few minutes sblm tutup kedai,
kiteorg kena serang habis-habisan seh..
Total sale masih belum dikira but estimated dlm RM3K rasanya..
Alhamdulillah, wlpn blk lmbt tp kiteorg puas ati sgt2..
So, today aku akan wat meeting ngan staff2 aku
Byk sgt rasanya benda yg nk dismpikan kt dieorg
Lepas tu nak wat gotong-royong lagi
Ermmm...sounds mcm penat jer nanti
Xper, at least semua akan kena buat keje
Takde yang curi tulang
Semoga hari ini kiteorg akan dapat rezeki yg berlipat kali ganda dari smlm
So, itulah shj dari sy utk pg ini..
Hopefully korangnye hari sentiasa ceria yaaa!!
See yaaa!!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

~WorKinG TimE~

Morning Sunshine!!!
So, after 6 days out from my outlet (MOC Tampoi)..
Today i'm back...
Work, work & work...
Tiring but interesting...
'Coz i am going to tell new brand info to my staff...
Furthermore, the 2011-2013 Challenge start now!!!
Hope i can achieve it!!!
1) To establish MOC as the no.1 optometry centre in Malaysia
2) To become a professional optometrist
That's i for now...i have to get ready to work..
See u guys later in evening yaaa!!!
Have a great Monday!!!

~SwEet's MemOriEs LasT FoReveR~

~Adik - Achik - Ade~
~My Lil Sis~

~My Happy Family~

~Opto Gurlz~
~Frenz - 4 - Eva~
~Mila - Jiak - K.Lia - K.Nurul~

~Mila - Jiak - Pija~

~Ita - Yus - K.Lily~

~My Beloved Frenz~

Those are the people that came into my life and makes my life so wonderful.. Thanks to all of you.. Love u alls so so much!!!


Today i have my another theory driving class before i can really get into a car & start driving it.. Really enjoy the class though i felt quit sleepy.. So, next Wednesday, i can start driving a car!!! Can't wait for it!!! Really need a driving license right now...Hope i can pass the driving test soon...Amin...

At Last

Well done to me!! Finally, i have time to create my own blog with the help from my lil sis..thanks my dear sis..hihi.. It's like first time a child learned how to walk, how to read an ABC..can't stop laughing along my journey creates my blog..So, i guess this is how my journey start in this simple blog of mine...hihihi